Breakthroughs that 5G made with Digital Transformation

3 min readFeb 25, 2021

The generation has changed, the time has changed, and with everything that has become so advanced, we can all surely look forward to more progress and development. But in all these advancements, there is one thing no one can compromise with, that is; “SPEED”.

At this pace of life, speed has played a really important role in technology. Today, everything is reliant on one thing- the Internet. This technology connects everyone virtually and everything together including machines, objects, and devices.

With many versions already introduced in the past, 5G is the new hero in the town!

Wireless infrastructure in the fifth generation is more promising than a faster network. The network will help redefine a new global wireless standard for speed, performance, and bandwidth.

5G is a hot subject these days for the telecom industry and businesses across industries. With the promise of extreme bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and high standards of protection and reliability, 5G holds the promise to support industries in ways we’re only beginning to understand.

What is 5G?

Imagine billions of linked devices collecting and exchanging information to provide better services or applications for a lifetime.

5G would boost the network connectivity immensely. It will create new ways for us to provide creative solutions across society. 5G operates on the very same radio frequencies that your mobile, wireless Internet, and satellite communications now use, but it includes even more advanced technology. In addition to being able to download an extensive HD film to your mobile phone in a matter of seconds even at a packed stadium, 5G aims to link stuff all over, securely and without delay. This has massive potential — and we’re going to take it to the next level together.

Let’s look at how 5G has unlocked the different potentials in digital transformation:

Connecting it all!

The introduction of disruptive technologies, such as AI, would get smoother and pave the way for emerging human-machine collaborations. 5G’s massive network potential would contribute to closing the digital gap between cities and rural regions.

New business models, focused on billion devices that consume and produce unparalleled quantities of data, will flourish as never before amid the age of smart connectivity powered by 5G. It will help to change the Internet of Things (IoT) environment and promote remote analysis in real-time with faster accessibility and improve reliability.

Increased Productivity

The introduction of 5G would create tremendous opportunities for industrial automation and development. Companies will be more intelligent integrated units that make it possible to swap massive amounts of data quickly and economically. New-age manufactures will use automation technologies to unify the supply chain and increase the productivity of the industry. The network of five generations would allow for more versatility, improved performance, and higher productivity as an integral tool in the business arsenal.

AI & ML Edge

Everything will soon be derived by data and the need for real-time acquisition, processing, and acquisition of workable insights. Edge computing, combined with AI and machine learning (ML), opens the doors to new, more cost-efficient architectural, technological, operational, implementation, and support models. The emphasis will also be on the development of trustworthy supply chains, providing a dynamic, agile cutting-edge device, storage, and networking ecosystem.


However, with the future of 5G taking shape, you can see that this technology makes for quicker connectivity for smartphones. 5G is likely to change not just broadband Internet access but will also encourage new applications and use cases, from IoT-based connected smart devices to independent cars, smart cities, and connected factories; the list continues. Today, 5G is a pioneer in the telecommunications sector. Many around the world have planned or launched new services for people to link with 5G technology to the next generation advancement.




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