Develop AR Measurement App for IPhone and Android.

3 min readNov 22, 2022

Augmented Reality (AR), in its simplest form, is a live view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input such as sound, video, graphics or GPS data. AR measurement applications are often the first step to integrating a strong AR strategy. That’s because an AR measurement application allows you to measure and evaluate the impact of your AR executions in the real world.

Making a use of AR apps, businesses are now able to engage clients and potential customers in an easy, seamless way. It also gives companies an edge over their rivals as driving customer engagement in business marketing can significantly improve business ROI.

How AR measurement App work

The AR Measurement App is a practical application of augmented reality. By analyzing images from your digital camera, it creates an accurate virtual representation of the physical world and measure the distance between the objects in the real physical world and your smart-phone’s camera.
With an AR measurement app, whether on Android or IOS, users can measure the distance between any two points by simply using the smart phone camera to line up two points and then can pick the distance between them.

This AR app gives developers the ability to create augmented reality experiences for smart-phone users using their visual inertial odometer, and Core-Motion to track movement, and data from the device’s camera sensor and accelerometer for plotting points. Simply point your mobile device at an object, and view the distance directly on screen. The smart tracking application will be able to calculate distances between two points, or “deltas,” in real-time, using AR overlays and object recognition. Also, you can capture and view room layouts directly on your phone, through a 3D space that you create with the device’s built-in cameras.

Benefits of AR measurement App

Augmented reality apps are excellent at showcasing the advantages in the current world. The daily lives of individuals have been made better thanks to these apps. Similar to this, the useful advantages of AR measuring apps are what actually propel technology forward in a variety of applications. AR technology can be used to create solutions like floor plans, height measurements, facial feature analysis, and distance calculations. The majority of the AR measurement apps provide other tools in addition to length measurement.

Metric and Imperial units of measurement are preferred by these apps. With all of these apps, measuring length is a rather straightforward process and the outcomes can be saved and distributed to other people. This can be useful, like in cases as when measuring the home furnishings area of a store and getting interrupted. Therefore, the ability to provide data together with a snapshot that has AR measurements overlaid will be a great help.


AR opens new doors for businesses to offer their customers a unique experience. From providing virtual showrooms to delivering superior customer support, AR can take a business to new heights. The way customers interact online is evolving over time thanks to Augmented Reality Apps. As in E-commerce businesses, augmented reality solutions like the AR tape measuring app have the potential to be a game-changer. The AR apps which used for virtual measuring as the famous “AR Ruler app” builds more competition and increase user engagement by offering better personalization and customization.

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