Discover the leading UI/UX trends of 2021

4 min readMar 11, 2021

As the digital world is growing rapidly, everyone is way more connected through memes, posts, social media content, and designs. The look of any design is the most powerful tool since it has the power to attract users. It’s real, as stereotyped as it sounds. For designers, it is vital for survival to remain relevant and up-to-date with the latest trends.

The highly advanced digital UX & UI design world is continuously changing. In reality, in the jungle of the design world, change may be the only constant.

Let’s Discuss the Top UI/UX Design trends that 2021 is holding up.

Minimalistic UI

With the current pandemic standard, users are now more likely to live and work for themselves. However, the point of view of the designer has also begun to change significantly. Users are searching for marks, where the minimalist trend bombarded us!

Data plays a key role here; it is not bad to provide massive and informational data, but it can be enormous to users. Pop-ups, target advertising, ways that are needless, and notifications that are not stopped. Whoa! There is a lot for the consumer to take in. The public now want things to be much easier and less official.

The minimalist trend has encouraged the designer to become even more selective. The move to the minimalist UI for all users will hopefully be the beginning to bring down those anxiety levels and clear up some of the clutter we’ve all gotten too used to.

So, if your goal as a designer has always been to rocket the interaction and drive screen time, start making a step towards minimalism to focus on what is most important to the product.

Relax, less isn’t ambiguous. If you do it correctly, minimalism can be very exciting.

Distinctive Animation and Illustration

People nowadays cannot stick to simple boring things, they need experiments, they want something unique in terms of designs let it be digital or hand-drawn, 2D or 3D, custom drawings, you name it. The free types, unaligned elements, modules, and vast asymmetry, not only help platforms stand out from the generic but also, create a friendly and inviting atmosphere that ensures a better experience for the users. Furthermore, these illustrations also come to life with complex motion design to differentiate these pages. However, we need to take these bold solutions into account and take the industry that the website serves into account.

Moving elements and unpredictable animations strangely make users scroll to see more of what happens next.

Augmented Reality

There has been a major advance in the AR realm. AR is becoming more common and omnipresent now. Companies work on the restoration and restructuring of AR into far more affordable products. Prominent businesses will look for designers who can design and build graphical overlays for Augmented Reality interfaces for a better experience.

AR will be huge in the coming year, brace yourself up!

Get a drop of imagination

Creative thought, an innovation squeeze, strategic thinking, and business intelligence are what we need today. It will continue to be the best trend to tell amazing stories about a digital experience. A powerful visual hierarchy can be established by design itself.

It plays an important role in developing an outstanding user’s experience, as an incredibly critical aspect of UI.

Good storytelling is part of the design

Only design never speaks up, it’s about how you pursue it. It’s about the story that you show through your designs. A good story is how to make the brand unforgettable, and how to make the customer believe like they are part of the products or services. This is how you need to make them feel. Content-oriented experience is the most amazing trend that designers are urged to take and participate in developing compelling stories and designs.

Let your designs speak!

2021 indeed is the year of change where we bring the changes and trends after understanding the requirement and how the world is now pursuing things. We strive not only to meet the aesthetic requirements of the user but also to provide a high degree of usefulness with these UI trends. A wise combination of these patterns leads to more satisfying users and the popularity of your product.




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