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Finally, we’re out of 2020 and 2021 seems hopeful. 2020 was the one that has brought massive changes and things that people have never thought of! Who knew that a virus, travelled from far, far away, will be hooked with all of us and it will change the entire way of living and working? However, if we look on the brighter side, COVID-19 has introduced the majority of us to the digital life that we all knew but were far off from putting it into action.

We know 2020 has been a tough year for all of us, emotionally, mentally, and financially. So, as we step into the year 2021, let’s take a roller coaster ride on how 2020 brought the drastic changes for all of us.


It was back then when we all were happy?
umm busy?
and tired of our boring life, managing our work altogether. Then it was COVID that decided to enter unannounced and put a break on our busy life. However, unaware of what COVID exactly is and how dangerous it can be, we all enjoyed getting holidays for a few weeks. So, while we got hit by COVID the lockdown began and to be honest, everybody enjoyed those mass holidays for a while. Spending time with family, getting hands-on their hobbies, and just chilling.

Life inside 5.5-inch Screen!

Suddenly when “Main aur meri tanhai “has turned out to be “Main, mera phone, aur unlimited data”!

This was the time when video consumption increased vastly. People spent most of their time with their mobile phones watching different videos, creating content through different apps.

With the clock Tik-Toking, research says users were watching the online video for 4–6 hours every day. Not just watching during the pandemic online video has taken on a completely new function as a major source of entertainment, social connections, and information, because people around the world were forced to remain home.

Work from Home | Work for Home | Work in Home

When the majority of us were thinking that COVID is just a virus that would stay for about few weeks, COVID has different plans. With lockdown extending, the businesses couldn’t be kept shut for a long time, hence initiating plan WORK FROM HOME.

During the digital age, remote or virtual offices were seen as the future and were long seen as a promising outlook that could liberate us all from physical workplaces. Yet most of us have been inspired by work from home, as a physical office is a challenge for effective, reliable, and collaborative work. With work from home, people started their work and kept themselves alive with flexible work hours.

Getting Essentials Digitally!

With the continuation of COVID, there have been great enhancements in technology. Since people were not able to go out and bring their own stuff, online deliveries were the one that fulfilled all the daily essential tasks.

However, the majority of people were not comfortable with such technical stuff. They were forced by the situation to learn and implement it. The crisis has increased e-commerce dynamism and widened the reach of e-commerce through new businesses, customer sectors, and goods. Meanwhile, in many countries e-commerce purchases have moved partially from luxury products and services to daily needs for a significant number of people.

For example, a 50-year-old woman, who just know to make calls from her smartphone, now has learned to order grocery online from Amazon Pantry or Jio Mart due to this pandemic. Isn’t it amazing! People have gradually adapted technology and applied its use in their day-to-day life.

Go Cashless!

Many people believe that the use of coins and banknote will make the outbreak worse if cash passes from one hand to the other. So, Go Cashless was the new motto.

Well, the pandemic has digitally upgraded our life! We are now aware of all the digital mode of payment by going cashless. Not just on the eCommerce sites, all the local shop keepers and vendors have also upgraded their payment mode through digital payment.

Most people will now choose sitting at home and paying bills in one click rather than queuing up for those long, tiring lines. Paytm, Google Pay, PhonePe etc. are the modes that many of us have picked up to pay the majority of our bills like electricity, water, mobile bills, D2H bills etc.

Technology has taken over on COVID

With time passing, people have created many solutions that will avoid social meetups and implemented technology to make their work easier and more digital.

Video Banking and E-KYC

To the decreased risk of interaction with anyone with COVID-19 is currently another significant advantage to many customers. By staying home and accessing online video banking, it is much easier to follow the guidelines for social distance. In certain instances, a consumer is intuitive in selecting a solution for video banking. First of all, video banking offers services from the comfort of home, car, or office- whenever you need it. This makes customer service more versatile.

Video banking solutions are much more intimate than a telephone call. The consumers will see the person who helps them face to face, not only hearing the voice of the person. The belief that they obtain personal attention from an expert further confirms this.

Today, e-KYC is the standard in the country because of the wide-ranging use of mobile devices with high-quality cameras and scanners, combined with innovations like document authentication, facial recognition, and biometrics.

Online Learning

Technology has played a vital role in the field of education. Since most of the schools are still closed, students are taking classes online and many institutions are providing the comfort of conducting exams for home.

The online learning approach tends out to be suitable for many. This digital transformation has remarkably altered the way contents are viewed, consumed, discussed, and exchanged. Not just for students, office-goers and housewives also can take online academic courses at the required time. Many people want to train on weekends or evenings depending on their availability and comfort.


This was the glimpse of how 2020 has brought the most unforeseen yet amazing changes and how it shaped us all to embrace and adapt to digitally created society, which has not only made our lives quicker and safer but more technologically friendly. We hope that several new technology chapters will grow in 2021.

Farewell to you 2020!

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