GIVE UP — 7 Habits to become a successful UX Designer

6 min readSep 15, 2020

“Don’t Give Up.” We have all heard these 3 words… We often use these 3 words to motivate people. Don’t give up is often told to people who are completely disheartened and are on the verge of giving up from the goals or dreams. It is to bring some hope in them so that they keep moving ahead and don’t stop. It is a way of motivating people who have not only lost hope but have lost focus too. But have you ever heard anybody say “Give Up”? I am sure you haven’t… This is because giving up is considered as something negative in the society we live in.

However, when we talk about habits, especially bad habits, “Give Up” is considered to be positive and is used widely. Who doesn’t want to get rid of their bad habits! Everybody wants to “Give Up” bad habits. Giving up bad habits or habits that are not good enough for an individual is a good thing to do! You should always motivate people to give up on bad habits.

In this article, you will learn about 7 habits you must give up if you aspire to become a good UX Designer.

So let’s get to know what you need to give up to become a successful UX designer!

First, let’s understand who are UX designers and what do they do.

A UX designer's job differs from company to company and sometimes even project to project. A UX designer is responsible for the kind of experience users have with a website or mobile application. How easy is it for users to navigate through a website or application and reach their end goal is what UX designers define.

They first understand what users expect from the brand and how they perceive certain things to be like. Then they make prototypes based on user feedback and suggestions. They create easy to use navigation for websites or mobile applications which meet user expectations. UX designers are the ones who decide where certain things should be placed and how certain journeys should be like for websites or mobile applications.

There are a variety of roles that a UX designer has. It includes everything, from the start of the project until the end of it. UX designers simplify user journeys for the target audience to ensure they have a smooth experience with the brand. Below mentioned are 5 key roles that UX designers are responsible for:

1. Conducting User Research

2. Defining Information Architecture

3. Creating Wireframes

4. Creating Prototypes

5. Creating Personas and Scenarios

UX designers first conduct researches to get an in-depth understanding of user requirements. They then create personas, wireframes, and prototypes, etc. Basically they are completely responsible for how usable, user-centric, and user-friendly a product or service is.

7 Habits to Give Up on to become a successful UX Designer

  1. Give up trying to find solutions yourself

To become a successful UX designer it is important to look at details from other perspectives. It is important to have a second opinion. What we often feel is right may not actually be right from the user's perception. So it is very important to brainstorm with team members and not be the sole decision-maker. This has to be a collaboration between different teams and professionals.

2. Give up working in your comfort zone

For UX designers, thinking out-of-the-box and coming up with new and innovative ideas is what keeps them going. If you aspire to be a good UX designer you must move out from your zone of comfort and challenge yourself to continuously do something new and creative. Remaining stagnant in one place can never lead you to success. You have to keep challenging yourself to achieve what you think you can’t and half the job is done.

3. Give up the idea of perfection

It is imperative for UX designers to understand that imperfection has its own kind of beauty. Nobody can really see Good UX, however, Bad UX can be easily spotted. So, instead of focusing on achieving good UX, you must try to identify Bad UX and refrain from it. There is always scope to do better and with the time you learn from mistakes. This helps UX designers create better solutions.

4. Give up the traditional outlook

Market trends are changing on a daily basis. The evolution of technology and digital portals is on the go. To become a successful UX designer you must come out of the bubble and explore new dimensions to create better solutions. With the evolution of new techniques and methods, you must try and experiment as much as possible. This also keeps the creative mind woke. So, explore and get connected to new and fresh ideas to create great solutions.

5. Give up self-doubt

A lot of times what reflects on our work is less to do with the work itself and more to do with us and what runs in our mind. This is not just restricted to UX design. It is important for everybody in any field to first build confidence. UX designers should stop doubting their capabilities. Only if one is confident enough about their caliber and capabilities can one achieve the impossible. So eliminating any kind of self-doubt about your work ethics is very important to become a successful UX designer.

6. Give up the notion of being the best

Once we perceive ourselves to be the best we often take away from us the opportunity to learn more. UX designing is an ever-evolving concept with continuous advancements happening in this field every single day. So there is always something new to learn and brush your skills. Also, there is so much to learn from professionals in the field too. Be it, colleagues, team members, etc. there is always scope for enhancing skill-sets and ideas.

7. Give up taking feedback in a negative way

Criticism is something that not everyone can take in a positive manner. However, in this field of UX, feedback and suggestions should be taken in a positive way to enhance the overall experience you aim to give your users. A positive mind can convert feedback and suggestions into great solutions which is what successful UX designers aim to achieve.

These were 7 habits you should completely Give Up on if you aspire to become a successful UX designer. It is OK to take one step at a time as long as you are moving ahead in the right direction.

In conclusion

Qualification is undoubtedly very important when it comes to the skill-sets required to become a successful UX designer. It is like the backbone. With the right courses, you can definitely become a good UX designer but it is the ethics and how you tame yourself to face challenging situations that lead you to the path of success.

In the end, it is the way you work, the way you think, the way you handle challenges, and find great solutions even in pressure that makes you a real successful UX designer.




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