How are AI Chatbot Going To Change Your Business Strategies in 2021

5 min readMar 6, 2021


Getting smarter is the agenda that most organizations are currently pursuing by going digital, incorporating and implementing new technology. Companies are moving towards giving their clients an experience that is fully automatic and quick.

AI Chatbot is winning with a huge approach in the race to integrate new technology into the business. In this article, we will see how AI Chatbot changes business strategies in 2021.

AI Chatbot is one of Artificial Intelligence’s main uses. Technology is made popular by the potential advantages and encouraging results of successful examples among companies.

50% of major businesses are considering more investments in Chatbot

Multiple industries are now adopting AI Chatbot in their business to boost efficiency.

As the Chatbot trend progresses, more and more companies are automating their business processes with creative applications. AI Chatbots are used to provide outstanding customer service and delightful experiences across various industry verticals.

Our society has been provided with valuable tools and services by the development of AI. In many sectors, Chatbot development has spread to the degree that 1.4 billion people are now using it regularly.

Mainstream investment in customer experience in the next couple of years will be Artificial Intelligence (AI), as reported by Gartner. 47% of companies will use Chatbots for customer care and 40% will use virtual assistants.

AI Chatbot has skyrocketed Customer Expectations

AI has redeveloped the means of engagement with consumers and internally for companies. AI is important for automated business communications to be able to understand and interpret flexibly. Besides, Chatbot can switch from basic user-based questions to more complex, real-time, predictive analysis conversations.

If we look at the facts, AI Chatbot has raised the bars in terms of customer experience.

95% of customers agree that Chatbot is the most advantageous customer service, while 56% of customers choose to get connect with a Chatbot rather than contact a customer service provider.

At least 30% of customers are passionate about Chatbot in the majority of surveys. This is possibly motivated by a 24/7 service desire.

Honestly, the implementation of AI Chatbot for businesses has built positive feedback among the customers. When the results were surveyed to consumers how they assessed their experience with intelligent helpers or conversational technology:

AI Chatbot has successfully established its presence for both Millennial and the Young Generation

Communication is the key to interact and engage with people. For customers, irrespective of their age breakdown AI Chatbot has played a vital role in connecting all the generations. 40% of millennial’s participate with bots every day while 67% of the new-gen people are seen to be more engaged and buy products through a Chatbot.

The most beneficial service of Chatbot is the 24*7 availability, it is used by 66% of millennial whereas the new-gen is still at 58%.

Business issues and difficulties were incredibly tackled by AI Chatbot

Humanized Chatbot has seriously enhanced businesses at a very good rate and overcome many challenges that result in increased business productivity and efficiency.

Nearly 90% of respondents say that substantial changes have been made in the pace at which complaints are handled, and over 80% report improved call volume handling with AI. A Chatbot can easily perform simple online support tasks so they can help with the 4 most popular issues like quick answers or help give some basic information about a company or even promote sale and marketing pitches.

In customer satisfaction, service quality, and contact centre results, 80% of respondents report measurable improvements.

Benefits of implementing AI Chatbot in Business

Chatbots’ advantages are not restricted only to availability. To create the most complete AI Chatbot benefits list, we checked all surveys and reports from Chatbot companies’ suppliers, agencies, and consultancies.

Although Chatbots are useful in many ways, customers still differ in every type and scale. It’s important to understand how it is helping customers. We have bifurcated the areas that benefit customer experience through AI Chatbot.

Great Customer Experience isn’t just useful for customers themselves but has certainly ended up being a resource for businesses too. Other than great client experience there are different elements that businesses and organizations got profited by AI Chatbot.

Expanded Sales

Business pioneers guarantee that AI Chatbot has expanded sales on average by 67%.

Chatbot has proved to be effective for users to present suggestions that intelligently introduce consumers to your business’ new products and services. Because of its 24*7 accessibility and brisk answers, it has certainly helped organizations construct more sales.

Enhanced Customers Interaction

63% of people consider online chat messaging to connect with a company or brand.

A chatbot can be used with timely tips and deals to improve our customer interaction. Real-time contact with customers of Chatbot allows customers to find what they are searching for and evaluate various suggestions.

Reach to New Customers

67% of customers worldwide have used a Chatbot over the last year.

Providing active AI Chatbot helps businesses meet new consumers, who otherwise cannot communicate via e-mail or call to the company.

Voice Chatbot to be mainstream

By 2021, more than 50% of searches will be voice-powered, according to Forbes.

Messaging channels with voice and text-based programs are the main way of communicating with companies. Voice bots also deliver a personalization feature that minimizes user requirements-related problems.


By the coming year, Gartner notes that, through the conversational user interface and natural language handling, 35% of companies are going to make the work application process easy for conversation.

While the world is changing very rapidly, businesses and companies must recognize how poorly implemented AI Chatbot protocols can still be short and provide insufficient customer experience. Businesses should concentrate on the implementation of AI Chatbot, rather than on the fanciful claims, to simplify existing processes.

AI Chatbot is still known as an emergent technology, but in many companies’ customer care, sales, and marketing activities they evolve rapidly and are becoming staples.




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