Lesser-known benefits of a good User Experience

With the changing times, more and more people are understanding the importance of having a good User Experience for their business. Ensuring digital presence is very important for organizations. Brands rely on rapport building content, good marketing strategies, attractive interfaces, catchy slogans, etc. to promote themselves on online portals. However, brands sometimes tend to forget that these aspects should have a solid backing of a good User Experience.

Even though User Experience has been around for a very long time, questions like “Why is it important?” and Is it really helpful?” still prevail. Many people still question the reliability of a good UX design. This however should not be the case.

What is User Experience?

First of all, I would like to state that User Experience as a concept is not as complex as many perceive it to be. It is in fact a very easy to understand the concept which results in multiple benefits for any organization.

User Experience is all about resolving issues faced by users when they are interacting with a product or service of a particular brand. This could be on a website or mobile application. A good User Experience helps people achieve their goals on a website or mobile application with ease. UX designers understand the pain points of the users while they interact with a digital asset. Their job is to find solutions to minimize and eliminate issues faced by users to give them a good experience.

UX professionals develop solutions based on human factors and human psychology. This means that creating usable products and services which are easy to use and smooth with their engagement is the goal for any UX designer. For e.g. it is a human tendency to get frustrated and annoyed if made to wait for long. If an application or website takes too long to load or open users lose interest and drop out before even interacting with it at a deeper level. In the same way, if the checkout process for an e-commerce website or application is lengthy, users will definitely drop out and opt for something that is easy and quick.

A user-centric approach to creating websites and mobile applications is a must for businesses.

They should understand that only if they are able to give their target audience a satisfactory experience will they benefit in the long run. Businesses are always struggling to ensure that they have a happy customer base. Brands invest a lot of revenue in different aspects, from catchy tag lines to engaging marketing strategies and effective customer service portals. However, very often they do not consider revamping the User Experience journey for better. They do not yet understand the value a good User Experience can add to their overall business. In this article, we will get to know a few lesser-known benefits of a good User Experience Design.

Benefits of a good User Experience Design

If we calculate well, the number of benefits a good User Experience Design brings to the table is way higher than any other individual aspect a company invests in. There is a visible difference in commercials. This has both long term and short term benefits. A good User Experience is essential for businesses to stay ahead in this competitive and ever-evolving digital environment. Below mentioned are a few benefits a good UX design adds to any businesses in any sector or field.

Stimulates Customer Engagement

Users love simple navigation and journeys, be it on a website or on a mobile application. They are able to connect better with a brand when they can easily navigate through their digital asset. It is noticed that brands with clean and user-centric designs have a positive impact on the target audience. This positive impact also increases the probability of word-of-mouth referrals which is great for any organization. A good User Experience results in good customer engagement which further results in repetitive customers. This is considered to be a great benefit for organizations.

Increases the Revenue

Have you ever wondered why you prefer a particular website over another? It is observed that people prefer making purchases from a specific website or application even though another website sells the same thing at the same price. This is because the experience one has with a particular website is better than the other. This could vary from filtering products, finding products, checking out, payment process, etc. A good UX ensures that the entire experience an individual has with a website or application is seamless and easy to use. This results in increased sales. The sales graph can only grow if your website or application is easy to interact with. An increase in sales means an increase in the overall revenue which is what organizations aim for.

Better Brand Image

Every brand is concerned about the reputation they have among their users. No company wants to have a negative brand image. We have all heard about the saying that “The first impression is the last impression”. Since the traffic on digital platforms is so high nowadays, the maximum number of target audiences is present online. They directly interact with the website or application of a brand first. So this is where brands have to make their first impression. Once brands are able to break the ice with their users and create a positive impact on them half the job is done!

Lower Customer Support Cost

Since most of the information about products and services is available on websites and applications users prefer browsing through them to get to know more. If the entire experience and interface are made well users do not need to contact the customer support center of companies. This reduces the extra cost a customer care call center adds to the company. Also, it is quick and easy to access information on a digital portal than calling call center executives or writing emails.

Stats about why User Experience is Beneficial

In conclusion

A good User Experience design is definitely a good business decision and it is visibly evident with companies that have opted for this. It is not possible to predict what your users want with 100% accuracy. But we can say that users are largely led by emotions. It is very important for businesses to adopt a good User Experience Design strategy as a part of their business model for all their digital assets to reap the most out of it. The benefits of having a good User Experience are high and in most cases, it is the best way to make your brand presence recognized and acknowledged by users.

Optimizing online portals to meet user expectations and even exceed user expectations should be of prime focus for companies who wish to grow and stay ahead in this digital era.

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