New Emojis of 2022

3 min readJun 8, 2022

Did you know that there are 117 new Emojis added on the concluding List for 2022 Emojis. This emojis traverse across ethnology, expressions, folklore, and languages. This is a contemporary hieroglyphic and iconographic script in making. However, what needs to be noted is that these emojis could imply disparate connotations in different cultures, situations, and eons. Let’s see some of these culturally (mis)fit emojis:-

Bubble Tea Emoji is an emoji depicting a tea-based drink concocted in Taiwan which contains tea, flavored milk, sugar and tapioca pearls in a plastic cup with a wide straw. in India, this could convey a cup of Falooda drink or Alouda drink in Mauritius. As long as it denotes a cold drink, it does not outrage anyone!

Smiling Face with Tear Emoji could be puzzling and used in different situations differently. It could mean laughing so boisterously that tears start rolling down. However, in some circumstances, it could express hilarity when someone does something ticklish! It could conveniently be used by folks at the workplace to acknowledge an instruction to work overtime by their supervisors.

Person Feeding baby Emoji could convey that the mommy is unavailable since she is feeding the baby. It could also imply that the mom needs to get back to the baby because she needs to feed the baby. It could mean that it is the baby’s feeding time. In some cultures, it could appear as a positive symbol but in some cultures where breastfeeding is a measure for the mothership, it may be looked upon as a symbol characterizing departure from the cultural ethos and may not be principally acceptable.

Transgender flag Emoji symbolizes the Transgender populace. Goes without saying, that the usage of this emoji may revolve around the country’s culture, recognition of the Transgender community and above all the governance policies legitimizing or not legitimizing the Transgender community.

Pinched Finger Emoji may have diverse interpretations. In Italian culture, it could mean something of a paltry amount. However, in India, it could be an action to ask someone if they are hungry or wanting to devour food with hand and not a spoon. In Nigeria, this gesture could imply a seesawing argument. If you go by the K-Pop Star Yuri, he made this gesture to denote dumpling.

Disguised Face Emoji is an emoji with a sizable nose and eyebrow attached to the eyeglass piece. This could mean somebody trying to camouflage their intent. It could also mean ‘I smell something fishy’.

Whatever these emojis may signify, it waits to be seen if Emojis would unify the world as they become a universal and ubiquitous script for conversations.




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