The right way to conduct user research interview for optimum value

4 min readMay 23, 2023


Careful planning and execution are the keys to achieving the most value out of user research interviews. It is crucial to start the user research by carefully selecting the right questions and participants. There are various factors that contribute to the successful completion of user research. The selection of the right user group also plays a crucial role in making the user research successful. Finally, it is essential to analyse the data extracted from the user research. In this blog, we will discuss the various aspects of user research and understand how user research interviews can generate optimum value.

Have a proper definition of your objectives

One of the most important factors that lead to a successful user interview is having a clear objective. The relevance of the research process is highly dependent upon the defined objective. It is essential to address some of the important questions to have a clear definition of the objectives. One of the important questions that need to be addressed is, what is it that the user research intends to identify? Is it the pain point of the user, or is it the challenges faced while using the product? Having a clear objective ensures that the right questions are being asked at the right time, which will give better insights into the user’s thought process. While understanding the objective of the research, the right group of target audience can be selected based on the identification of various outcomes that the research intends to achieve.

Recruit the Right Participants

The quality of the participants is crucial to user research. It is important to recruit participants who are part of the target group. Various factors need to be considered while recruiting the right participants for user research. The recruitment process should be based on aspects such as age, location, interests, behaviour, and gender. When the right group of individuals is selected for user research, the feedback received from participants becomes valuable and can contribute to the development of products or services. To make a better and informed decision based on user research, it is essential to select the right group of participants, which leads to the outcome of the research that contributes to the better decision making of businesses.

Prepare the right question

Asking the right questions is essential for the success of any user interview. The goals of user research can be achieved when the questions are asked in the right direction. While preparing the questions for a user research, it is important to make sure that the questions are open-ended. The participants should be allowed to express their views and thoughts, and this is only possible when open-ended questions are asked. Close-ended questions can limit the participant, and the outcome of the user research will be affected in such situations. Alongside asking the right questions, it is also essential that the participants are encouraged to provide a detailed response to the question. The participant needs to feel free when answering the questions. The questions should be designed in such a way that makes the participant comfortable to answer. Follow-up questions are also important. With follow-up questions, a deeper understanding of the research objective can be gained. Another important consideration is to frame the questions in an easier way while avoiding jargon for better understanding of the user and technical terms. The participant will not like to run for a dictionary while answering the questions.

Carefully observe and listen

Careful listening and observation is essential factors that need to be considered for successful user research. Careful listening includes observing the tone, language, voice, and facial expression, which can give clues to the user’s thought process. These clues are valuable insights that lead to a better understanding of their expectations. While conducting user research, one should also be prepared for unexpected answers. One should accurately document such solutions for further analysis. Careful listening also includes asking questions at the right time and giving directions to the conversation. In the process of engaging in a conversation with the user, it is essential to listen first and then ask questions. Unexpected interruptions in the conversational flow will lead to misleading outcomes as it may distract the user and keep them away from responding correctly.


Conducting user research interviews requires careful planning and execution to generate optimum value. The success of user research interviews depends on defining clear objectives, recruiting the right participants, preparing the right questions, and carefully observing and listening to participants. Open-ended questions, follow-up questions, and avoiding technical jargon are important considerations when preparing questions for user research. Careful observation and listening can give valuable insights into the user’s thought process, which can contribute to the development of better products or services. By selecting the right group of participants and documenting unexpected answers, businesses can make informed decisions based on user research interviews, leading to better outcomes for both the business and the end-user.




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